nginx and multiple cpu

Dennis J. dennisml at
Wed Jan 13 18:31:05 MSK 2010

On 01/13/2010 04:20 PM, Omer Faruk Sen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have  a 8 core (4 core and HT enabled) machine to test nginx. In my
> configuration file
> worker_processes  8;
> events {
>      worker_connections  30000;
> }


> As you can see nginx only use one core not all of them even if I state
> worker_processes  8;
> I have used  nginx-0.7.64 and used centos 5.4 compiled using just
> ./configure&&  make&&  make install. I have read that nginx supports
> multiple cpu but as far as I see from mpstat output it doesn't
> Can anyone englighten me about that?

I've seen someting similar during my tests on an 8 core system (no HT). I 
set up a default nginx with and increased the number of worker processes to 
two but when I put load on nginx only one CPU gets used while the other 
stays idle.


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