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Dennis J. dennisml at conversis.de
Thu Jan 14 15:52:02 MSK 2010

Why is logging into a pipe considered a waste of CPU?
The log parser throws away some data, aggregates the rest and then writes 
it to a remote database. The "tail -f" approach would waste lokal disk i/o 
by writing data unnecessarily to disk which i would then have to read again 
with the script.
Why is this considered more efficient than handing the data directly over 
to a script?


On 01/14/2010 07:03 AM, Peter Leonov wrote:
> This thread might be of help:
> http://nginx.org/pipermail/nginx/2009-June/013042.html
> Ny the way "tail -F" is the only recommended way to do the near real-time log parsing with nginx.
> On 14.01.2010, at 8:12, Dennis J. wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a nginx equivalent to apaches CustomLog directive with the "|" prefix so it logs into stdin of another program/script? I need to do real-time processing of the access log data and I'm wondering how I can accomplish this once I switch to nginx.
>> Regards,
>>   Dennis
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