Implementing a non-blocking delay between request and response

Tronman nginx-forum at
Fri Jan 15 22:11:31 MSK 2010

Almost there!

I found a ngx_http_finalize_request I was forgetting about. That's gone and now:

1. I can connect with one client, have it wait a specified number of seconds, then send the headers and finalize the request.

2. I can connect with another client, while the first is waiting, and it doesn't get blocked. If it's a non-waiting connection it returns like it should.

3. But if I try to connect with another waiting connection, connection 2 returns when the first one returns (instead of after it's time out) and doesn't send any headers.

I'll keep working on and post my results, though again if you have any ideas let me know! Also if someone could explain how ngx_add/del_event work I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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