SSL Conflict Between Two Virtual Hosts

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Tue Jan 19 18:07:55 MSK 2010


Yes, this will work because of the different tcp ports. 

If you're going to have one tcp port per ssl host you will be able to run them 
all on a single ip address.



On Tuesday 19 January 2010 15:59:29 jasonago wrote:
> Hello again, thanks for the explanations I understand enough.
> BUT I discovered that it is still possible to serve two different ssl certs
>  for two different domain with only single IP address.
> Traditionally as explained by the previous posts, the setup of vhosts in
>  nginx should be: (I got lazy to post my nginx server directives so I
>  shortcut it to the following) domainA + IP-addressA + SSLcertA + port443
>  and
> domainB + IP-addressB + SSLcertB + port443
> And the following will be in conflict as I described in the start topic:
> domainA + IP-addressA + SSLcertA + port443 and
> domainB + IP-addressA + SSLcertB + port443
> But I was able to work on the following configuration as a desperate hack
>  to use two different ssl certs with same IP address by listening to two
>  different ports: domainA + IP-addressA + SSLcertA + port443 and
> domainB + IP-addressA + SSLcertB + port444
> Well, I just need to instruct critical parts of some PHP programs out there
>  to append port 444 on the urls so as not to break urls.
> Hehe, I guess its a desperate setup since I'm short of buying either a
>  wildcard ssl OR setup and maintain two cloud server for two domains...
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