limiting bandwith by querying mysql possible?

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Wed Jan 20 10:06:26 MSK 2010

> well parsing access logs, doesn't do the trick because each time a user 
> tries to download a file, it actually calls my php script
> then the php script forwards with header and NginxXSendfile the file, then 
> loses of course control..
> so parsing logs won't do any trick becase it's the same effect

Erm... In my opinion it does. You need to parse access logs for accounting 
(ie. how many bytes user X downloaded so far) and in your PHP script you 
need to verify if user is still allowed to download the next file. You 
simply don't send X-Sendfile header when he's not. It should be as easy as 

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