Should I send patch here? - xslt_enable "only enable xslt transform for certain user agent"

Marcus Clyne ngx.eugaia at
Wed Jan 27 13:52:01 MSK 2010


tOmasEn wrote:
> Maybe not many people using xslt as main web layout. but I do.
> This patch is similar to gzip_disable.  xslt_enable only enable xslt 
> transform for certain user agent.
> e.g.
> xslt_enable "Googlebot"
> will only enable xslt transform output for google's crawler.
> And, I'm also planing some other improve on xslt module. Like: when 
> xslt transform failed, output original xml file instead of 500 server 
> error; Skip xslt transform if client send specified HTTP header like 
> "No-XSLT", etc. Should I talk to somebody and discuss the architect?
If you're just adding new features, you're probably better off putting 
it in a separate module and publishing that.


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