Nginx as proxy for Amazon S3 protected files

Vicente Aguilar bisente at
Thu Jan 28 11:54:20 MSK 2010


>> i know Nginx could make for an excellent proxy for Amazon S3 files when
>> there are publicly accessible.
>> Did anyone ever setup Nginx to proxy files where the ACL ist set to
>> "authenticated-read"?
>> Nginx would have to generate signed URLs with the access key and expiry date
>> for each request.
> I believe at least someone did, try searching mailing list 
> archives.  You probably need embedded perl to construct correctly 
> signed URLs though.

I also need nginx to authenticate against S3. Have been looking through the list and on Google but couldn't find anything.

Anyone has a link to such a project, if it exists? Else I'm gonna start looking into it.

Thanks in advance


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