ngx_xss: Native support for cross-site scripting in an nginx

Tobia Conforto tobia.conforto at
Fri Jan 29 00:11:00 MSK 2010

agentzh wrote:
> I'm delighted to announce the first release of our new module, ngx_xss. This output filter module adds native support for simple cross-site AJAX to the nginx server. Currently only cross-site GET is implemented, but cross-site POST support is on our TODO list.

Am I the only one wondering what's the use of this module? It seems to just add a string and a pair of parentheses around the response. Can't you do that on the backend, assuming you have some sort of backend? Or on the client side, if the response is to be parsed by some client-side javascript?

I don't mean to belittle your effort, I'm just curious!


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