nCache, Varnish Performance

Luca De Marinis loop at
Fri Jan 29 12:46:43 MSK 2010

On Thu, Jan 28, 2010 at 4:57 AM, princeap <nginx-forum at> wrote:

> Anybody has done Performance between nCache, Varnish and Nginx's
> proxy_cache?
> Is nCache and Varnish far better than proxy_cache?

I have no performance stats, but I really like varnish configuration
language because It's very powerful and unsurprising. But the added hassle
of running one more process is justified only if you have complex rewriting
logic.. IMHO

Also, if you really must squeeze the maximum performance out of your system,
you may have to benchmark the available solutions with real usage data, as
perfomance may vary wrt file sizes, cache hit ratio, per user bandwidth and
latency etc..

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