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Harish Sundararaj tuxtoti at
Sat Jan 30 13:22:10 MSK 2010

Hi All,

I need to implement a SEO/permalink related rewrite rule on nginx. I'm not
sure how i would do it.
This is what I want:

I have a list which is something like this:

keyA : a1,a2
keyB : b1,b2
keyC : c1, c2
KeyZ : z1,z2

Now the access URL will be  like this: --->
This should translate to :--->  /results?q=myquery&keyvals=b1,b2,d1,d2,k1,k2
The point here to note is I will not know the number of "key" terms that'll
be present in the URL . In the above example I have 3 terms (keyB,keyD and
keyK) ..But there could be any number of them.

I have a couple of questions now:
1) I think i should use "set" to define the key list initially. Is this the
right way? or should I be doing something else?
2) If I have a predefined number of keyterms in the URL i can use the $1,$2 match it. But if I don't know the number of terms that'll be present
what should i be doing?

It'll be great if someone can help me with this.

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