NginxHttpUploadProgressModule constantly hangs

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Sat Jan 30 15:46:20 MSK 2010


Ive been trying to get this module to work for days now.
It works, sorta.

It consistently makes it about 1.3 megs and then freezes.
Ive looked at hundreds of nginx.conf file, have set every parameter known to man in that file and in php.ini.
Im away of just about every issue out there I think, at this point.

But the progress bar still freezes at around 1.3 megs. Its made it as far as 3 megs. Sometimes it freezes at 500K.

The other peculiar thing is, when the progress bar freezes, it still seems to be uploading.
Then if I click on a bookmark in firefox to go to google, the progress bar will make a sudden jump, correcting itself to its REAL position just before the page changes. Same freeze occurs in IE.

I even downgraded nginx to version 0.6.30, which was the latest tested with NginxHttpUploadProgressModule.
Still no difference. Im using fastcgi to PHP 5.3.1.

If have set all timeouts high, all max_client_body size type stuff BIG, etc.  

Obviously, since it does work for a bit, most of the params have to be right. But it gets stuck.

I have run out of ideas, but need to upload 30 meg video files WITH a progress bar.
Otherwise I will have to switch to apache and I really dont want to do that.

Heeeeeelp... im pulling all my hair out after many days of searching google for clues and looking at hundres of nginx conf files.

Any ideas? Anything else I can try?

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