Empty GIF generator not actually empty

Igor Sysoev igor at sysoev.ru
Thu Jul 1 10:24:50 MSD 2010

On Thu, Jul 01, 2010 at 10:23:14AM +0400, Igor Sysoev wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 01, 2010 at 01:48:31AM -0400, Lorin Halpert wrote:
> > Using the built-in generator changes the color of the background color under
> > Chrome, yet using my own blank doesn't cause this. I've attached a "known
> > good" blank created in Fireworks (same byte size) so it can replace the one
> > in the nginx codebase. I am under windows with no development tools so I
> > can't create a patch myself but I'm able to test a new binary to validate
> > that it's fixed.
> The current empty GIF has 2 colors: #0: black and #1 white.
> The white (#1) color is used as background and as transparent color.
> The suggested GIF has two colors: #0 gray (C0C0C0) and #1 black.
> The transparent color is #0 (gray). The background color is #256

The background color is #255 ...

> and there is no such color number in the GIF table. I'm not sure
> how browsers will handle this case. Probably they use just #1 color.
> However, I do not understand the issue. Could you show example on
> the web where built-in GIF changes background color ?

Igor Sysoev

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