How to force SNI only connections, or have a fallback non-SNI server?

Tiago Freire tiago.freire at
Tue Jul 13 23:58:16 MSD 2010


I have heard about nginx before, and I am now considering to use it for
several reasons, perfomance is one of them.

I have to put several servers with EV certificates behind a single IP
though, and I noticed nginx supports SNI.

I know that not all browsers support SNI, but we are developing web
applications where we can give ourselves the luxury of being a bit picky
about browser support.

What was not clear in the documentation was: does enabling SNI support
forces all connections to be SNI, or old browsers will still 'work'?
I understood that old browsers would only be able to go to the default

If running with SNI still accepts old browsers, is there a configuration
option to force SNI-only connections?

Otherwise, is there any way to segregate SNI and non-SNI connections and
send them to different servers?

Best regards
Tiago Mikhael Pastorello Freire a.k.a. Brazilian Joe
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