400 Bad Request errors on a MediaWiki configured to use images from Wikimedia Commons

Alex Sergeyev asergeyev at dyn.com
Wed Jul 14 01:32:16 MSD 2010

Hi Omega13a ;)

> First of all, I'm using nginx 0.8.45 and have a wiki on my website 
> that's configured to use images off of Wikimedia Commons. It saves the 
> images onto my server and updates them at regular intervals....
> http://urcreative.hobby-site.com/wiki/images/thumb/3/34/25%.svg/9px-25%.svg.png

Was it working with prev. nginx version?

It seems that your redirect is actually configured to handle 

(every percent sign that you put in your URL I've replaced to %25)

Could you show fragment of your config and probably I or someone else
will be able to figure out what's wrong?

Bad request is probably happening because nginx is trying to decode %xx
in your url but finds "%.s" which is not supposed to be in URL... 

p.s. cheers from dyndns.com team :)

On Tue, 2010-07-13 at 14:01 -0700, Brandon Amaro wrote:

> Its really annoying and if anyone has a fix for this problem, please 
> tell me.

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