Problems with imap proxy sending invalid username

Pat nginx at
Wed Jul 14 19:19:43 MSD 2010

On 7/14/2010 10:07 AM, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> This isn't what nginx normally logs, looks like you added this
> logging yourself, right?  You did it wrong - this string contains
> only 16 bytes ("a001 LOGIN {8}" CRLF).
Yes it is. Sorry, I didn't look around too much just used a debug 
function in the same file. I was just trying to confirm if my tcpdump 
output was correct. No other modifications were made besides some calls 
to that same function.

>> 2010/07/14 09:03:42 [debug] 22837#0: *4 send: fd:8 16 of 16
>> 2010/07/14 09:03:42 [debug] 22837#0: *4 mail proxy dummy handler
>> 2010/07/14 09:03:42 [debug] 22837#0: *4 mail proxy imap auth handler
>> 2010/07/14 09:03:42 [debug] 22837#0: *4 recv: fd:8 23 of 4096
>> 2010/07/14 09:03:42 [error] 22837#0: *4 upstream sent invalid
>> response: "a001 NO Login failed." while reading response from
>> upstream, client:, server:, login: "trashcan",
>> upstream:
> Here we see that your backend replied "NO Login failed." right
> after it got initial "a001 LOGIN {8}" CRLF string.  Expected reply
> is command continuation request.
> Looks like your backend just doesn't support IMAP4rev1, at least
> not string literals.  See RFC 3501 for details.
> Maxim Dounin
Oh OK, I didn't recognize that it was a command continuation request, I 
thought it was perhaps some kind of error in how I compiled nginx, and 
it was not escaping its strings correctly. Unfortunately my auth backend 
does not support this, is there any way I can send the login 
immediately? After the login it will be a real imap server responding 
which could handle command continuation requests for regular IMAP 
commands (just not at LOGIN). At this particular stage it normally only 
does either a cookie based login or a regular LOGIN username password. 
Thank you for the fast response.

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