pass https requests to backend servers

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Thu Jul 15 18:51:36 MSD 2010

Dear Sjaak,

On Don 15.07.2010 16:07, Sjaak Pieterse wrote:
> here at our company we are setting up an nginx loadbalancer before a
>couple of webservers(2 tomcat/ 2 iis).
>The problem that we walk in to is that we want to do the ssl handling
>on the backend servers.
>we know how to do it on the nginx server but is it possible for nginx
>to pass trough all the ssl requests to the backend without handling

Afaik no.

You will need some tcp loadbalancer (=haproxy) for this.

You can talk with the backend https if you want to encrypt the
communication between frontend and backend.

proxy_pass https://...



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