nginx and godaddy ssl cert. How to?

Alexandr Sergeyev asergeyev at
Fri Jul 16 05:04:13 MSD 2010

> It is very easy to follow; bravo!
> It appears that nginx does not like my key.

Try to use only crt file for ssl_certificate directive. You may append godaddy's CA later.

(to read fields of the certificates you may use something like "openssl x509 -text < yourfile.crt | less")

If nginx (openssl technically) would reject your key, ask godaddy to reissue cert (not sure if they would charge you a fee). 

If you'll do that - generate new CSR again (do not agree to use old one) and make sure you saved right key.

BTW, Michael, Unless you're using banking site or something that requires 256 bit security I'd not bother to crank ciphers to ALL. Choose carefully... (Google uses RC4-SHA1 everywhere and it's fastest 128bit one at the moment)


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