further "Hacking" the event model of Nginx

Vincent Huang lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jul 16 08:02:18 MSD 2010

Hi all,

I have read the following post.
It is helpful, I am new to nginx and need some instructions on my work.

We have 3 machines, server MASTER is the application server visible to
client. server WORK1 and server WORK2 is the task processing server. the
request sequence is like this:

0. client
            -send request

1. nginx server MASTER:
            -receive request
            -extract useful information from request
            -post the re-structured extract data to nginx server WORK1

2. nginx server WORK1:
            -receive the request
            -send back response

3. nginx server MASTER:
            -receive the response from WORK1
            -post the response data to nginx server WORK2

4. nginx server WORK2:
            -receive the request
            -send back response

5. nginx server MASTER:
            -receive the response from WORK2
            -send back the response data to client

Can anyone help me on where to hack on nginx that can suit my scenario.

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