further "Hacking" the event model of Nginx

Vincent Huang lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jul 16 10:46:33 MSD 2010

Mauro Stettler wrote:
> to be able to receive the request of one backend, process it, and then
> go to the next one, i think this will help you:
> http://github.com/vkholodkov/nginx-eval-module
> for getting the post value this might help:
> http://github.com/calio/form-input-nginx-module

Thanks for your kind help;-)

I have download and looked into nginx-eval-module. It seems that the 
module can send sub request to backend only once. when the response is 
sent back from the backend, the module only can modify the response 
body...(maybe I should try remove the response from the body chain and 
send to another backend, I will try this;-) )

The task to extract post value/head is finished. The remaining problem 
is that my handler is time consuming and it may block nginx work 
process, I need to try the way in http://www.ruby-forum.com/topic/149417

Thanks again;-)

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