further "Hacking" the event model of Nginx

Vincent Huang lists at ruby-forum.com
Fri Jul 16 12:41:11 MSD 2010

Johan Bergström wrote:
> Hello,
> On 16 jul 2010, at 09.33, Vincent Huang wrote:
>> Thanks for your help.
>> I need hold the response from one backend and send it to another(not 
>> directory use the backed response as the result to client), so I have to 
>> write some code inside nginx....
>> Thanks again;-)
> The example might be a bit misleading in your case. What 
> X-Accel-Redirect does is take precedence over the location uri. You 
> don't specifically have to pass the location match to a directory for 
> downloads, you might just as well pass it along to another backend.
> This is how my setup looks like:
>  - incoming get /foo
>  - location match on /foo that passes to fcgi backend
>  - fcgi backend analyzes request and returns response with 
> x-accel-redirect /backend1/foo
>  - location match on /backend1 passes the request along to http backend
>  - backend responds with "final" request, master sends back to client

X-Accel-Redirect only works for intern redirect(just like what 
ngx_http_subrequest(...)). My backend is another remote server(it should 
like what ngx_http_upstream_t done in proxy/fcgi module).
Thanks for your help;-)


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