Stefan Parvu sparvu at
Sat Jul 17 17:50:45 MSD 2010

On 13:48 Sat 17 Jul     , Igor Sysoev wrote:
> I will give a lecture about nginx on 11th International Free Software
> Forum (FISL11) ( )
> in Porto Alegre, Brasil.

Cool. It would be nice if you would publish more educational
or lecture notes about nginx. I was co-author of a paper for
Oreilly Velocity 2010 web conference and I sent some info about
nginx. Few people even have heard of it nor they know what 
sort of HTTP server is and why bother versus Apache.

Would be great if we plan to have more notes about the server.
Im planning to write and propose for next year Velocity
conference a scalability analysis using nginx. Lets see
if I am able to do that.

Good luck,

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