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Thu Jul 22 14:39:24 MSD 2010

mike Wrote:
> note: i would be willing to contribute some $$ to this cause (to get
an svn module going, especially if it could be put into nginx without
being a third party module)

Nginx is so functional, and now so widespread, that the lack of WebDAV
support is becoming a pretty apparent spot. To this end, I'd like to
sponsor some work too. I.e., for having WebDAV's fundamental operations
(like uploading/fetching/deleting/renaming resources) functioning with
the most popular clients (windows, OS X Finder, ). To give some figures,
100€ or 150 CHF or $150 could be a start.

Please assess the figure summing up with mike's offer. If other users
reading this forum are interested too, please consider making further
offers, shrapnel makes the bomb.

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