Occasional truncated responses with nginx+passenger

Jonathan del Strother maillist at steelskies.com
Mon Jul 26 21:40:44 MSD 2010

I'm having problems with our nginx setup (nginx 0.7.67 -> passenger
2.2.15 -> rails 2.3.6, all running on Solaris 5.11).  Most requests
are fine, but occasionally - maybe every 1 in 50 - I get a truncated

I set up a test script that repeatedly requests a page that's 22kb
long.  Every so often I get a truncated response body, truncated to a
multiple of 5KB - usually 15kb.  The header content length still
indicates 22kb, but only 15kb are transferred according to the

I wrote some Rack middleware to at least check that the responses
coming out of Rails were sane, which leaves nginx and/or passenger.
Any suggestions on tracing it further?


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