Nginx+varnish & delivered error_page

Oleksandr V. Typlyns'kyi wangsamp at
Wed Jul 28 15:14:32 MSD 2010

Today Jul 28, 2010 at 06:13 revirii wrote:

> It worked as long as varnish wasn't there, but now with varnish i can't
> see my own error page anymore. Instead the default varnish 503 page (i
> think it's some html code; but with correct 503 status code) is
> delivered. Does anyone know why this happens and has an idea how to
> prevent the varnish page to be delivered in favor of the nginx page?

"If you set this to on then nginx will intercept status codes that are 
explicitly handled by an error_page directive. Responses with status codes 
that do not match an error_page directive will be sent as-is from the 
proxied server."


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