php-fpm and chroot on linux.

Piotr Karbowski jabberuser at
Fri Jul 30 01:10:53 MSD 2010

Hi nginx-en ml.

This is not exactly nginx issue, but lets say this is nginx related thing.

php-fpm and chroot - It is working for me good, I haven't tested 
performance yet but there is two things what I need fix before I can 
really use it.

First issue: php in chroot can't resolve names. Even puting 
/etc/resolv.conf in chroot isn't solution.

2nd issue: mysqld socket. If I want connect to 'localhost' it using 
unix:///var/run/mysqld.socket which is really smart and I like it (I 
want use socket if I can.). it not work, because in chrooted env there 
is no mysqld socket. There is any better way than mount -o bind 'run' 
dir into each chroot's root?

Sorry for posting it on nginx list but this is best place to ask in my 

-- Piotr.

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