Trouble with rewrite module and uri_escape (and patch)

Daisuke Murase (typester) typester at
Fri Jul 30 14:01:42 MSD 2010


I have nginx/0.7.67 and a following rewrite setting:

    rewrite ^/entry/(.*) /entry?title=$1;

When request uri contains %3b (escaped ;), it's decoded like following:

    Request: /entry/abc%3bdef
    Result: /entry?title=abc;def

But %26 (escaped &) is not decoded:

    Request: /entry/abc%26def
    Result: /entry?title=abc%26def

At HTTP URI spec,  ; should be treated as query separator equal to & IMHO

I wrote quick fix for this:

I don't know this is correct way, but I want to fix this problem.
Review this please.


Daisuke Murase (typester)

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