I can't find the reson of this error ,maybe about php-fpm?

Admin BeyondServ.net admin at beyondserv.net
Wed Jun 2 23:45:41 MSD 2010

Le 02/06/2010 09:04, ultrawind a écrit :
> Today , my local web can't be visited , but it can visit html file , just can't visit php file.
> so i think it is php problem.
> I do not did any change about the nginx.conf and php-fpm.conf , and I look up the log, but i can't find this reson.
> even i restart the php-fpm and niginx, it can't either. I install the php and it also can't visit php file........please give me some advice.


Have you added some php modules? Like APC, or other?

This problem happened to me, and APC was the cause..

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