Rewrite question

Axel junk at
Thu Jun 3 19:50:08 MSD 2010

Hi guys, 

stupid but tricky question. In my "server" configuration, I added two "location" directives:

location ~* \.css|\.js|\.jpg|\.jpeg|\.png|\.gif|\.swf|\.svg|\.tiff$ {
	expires 30d;

location /medias/ {
	rewrite ^/medias/(.*)$1 permanent;

The rewrite works fine except for jpg files. I suppose there is a conflict between the two locations. It works if I comment out the first location. I tried to invert locations or to add a "break;" after the rewrite command or to replace "permanent" with "last" or "break". Nothing does the trick. 

If you have any idea, that would be great. 



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