High memory consumption when proxying to a Comet server

Rogério Schneider stockrt at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 18:55:01 MSD 2010

> The patch I attached actually frees memory before the connection ends but do a lot of assumptions that might not work. The cleanest solution is probably just to disable chunked transfer encoding with the option:
> chunked_transfer_encoding off;

I am using 0.7.65 and it does not support this option.

> which removes the problem at the root (if it is ok for you to disable chunked transfer encoding, of if you already implement it in the proxied server).
> AFAIK nginx does not support memory freeing/reuse before connection ends and, with current architecture, is not a trivial job to do (requires to handle reuse of non-contiguous allocations).

Thanks for these pointings, Arrigo.

Rogério Schneider

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