Internet Explorer issues with Nginx where Firefox works fine

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Mon Jun 14 04:05:33 MSD 2010


I have just started to use Nginx recently, but have stumbled into a big problem.
I am using Nginx as a frontend for Apache, without caching.

Many sites have somekind of problem with Internex Explorer, because when something should happen, it only happens upon a refresh (F5), whereas Firefox deals with it and works fine.
If I direct the request to apache directly, IE works fine.
All I can say about these "somethings" are that one site has a webshop and the problem happens when adding to cart (the cart remains empty until refresh). The other site does some simple mysql_num_rows function and simple mysql/php stuff, no javascript or iframe or anything. I don't really know these stuff, I only admin the servers...

Here is my nginx.conf:

Here is the included proxy.conf in /etc/nginx/conf.d:

And here is the sites config in /etc/nginx/sites...:

Please give me some hints on what I should tweak/set, because I really would like to use Nginx for just about every site I have, but this is a real pain so far :-(

Thanks in advance!


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