mod_rewrite and .htaccess problem bypass solution needed

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Mon Jun 14 10:55:22 MSD 2010


I have set Nginx to server static files before apache. But when there is a Drupal site or any custom made site that useres .htaccess mod_rewrites to generate an image-file, logically the files are not found, because the URL doesn't  exist.

My question is:
Is there a way to tell Nginx to try these files, and if no file found, try to get it from apache?
If yes, would this give a substantial overhead compared to only using apache and no Nginx frontend?
If no, then the only solution is to always modify my nginx site settings so that the builtin rewrite would be handled (by Nginx)? This solution of course is not too elegant, when you think of several-hundred sites that are coming from an only-apache based hosting...

Thanks in advance!


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