0.7.67 - limit_req problems

zuzur nginx-forum at nginx.us
Wed Jun 16 20:01:01 MSD 2010

Maxim Dounin Wrote:

> > But it doesn't seem to work, my server is still
> hit with many req/s,
> > much more than what i specified in the
> configuration. 
> In /api/ location you explicitly return 444 for
> all users.  It's 
> not clear what effect do you expect from
> limit_req/limit_conn 
> there but most likely it will be negative -
> requests will be 
> delayed / or 503 will be returned instead of
> immediate connection 
> close.

Hello Maxim, thanks for your reply.

In fact, just the inbound requests from a single host generate a
sustained 600kb/s on our server. As we pay for this bandwidth, and no
legitimate user should access this /api URI, i would really like to slow
them down. If i could just make their requests sit there for 24 hours, i
would do that. :-)

> > What am i doing wrong here ? do limit_*
> directives really work in
> > "location" directives ?
> Yes they do.

So any idea why they don't with my configuration ? I see tens of
requests / s when my 'blackhole' limit_req_zone is set to allow 1 req
per minute ! I must be doing something wrong, i just can't find what ...
I didn't provide the full configuration as it was very long, but if
needed i can paste it ...



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