How to update/store entries into memcache from C++ FastCGI process?

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Thu Jun 17 08:32:02 MSD 2010


This is my first post here, so first and foremost, I would like to say I
have fallen in love with nginx. :-) This is the most beautiful server I
had ever seen before. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful C
server. :-) I totally love it. :-)

Despite searching the internet (mainly github/stackoverflow/google ) for
it, I did not find any clue(s) as to how will I store the contents in
the memcache. 

What I wanted to try out is something below:
At the start the FastCGI process (written using FastCGI++ using C++
course), I want to populate the memcache [either
NginxHttpMemcachedModule or NginxHttpMemcModule] with, say, 1000

Please, can anyone here just point to me how can I do that? I know it
must be really easy but I have spent quite a lot of time trying to do

PS: I did find example/article regarding this on Internet but that code
is in PHP. 


I am mainly looking for equivalents of following two PHP calls in C/C++
on that link (please search on that page) :
1) memcache_connect
2) memcache_add

Thank you very much in advance and please pardon if this sounds like a
basic question.

Kind regards,

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