Optimizing worker_processes, worker_connections & PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN - Any Good Tutorial?

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Fri Jun 18 06:38:10 MSD 2010

Reinis Rozitis Wrote:
> The preferred way (especially for high
> concurrency) is to spawn the php as 
> permanent process and the webserver (nginx) talks
> to it through fastcgi  ( 
> http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpFcgiModule ) - (you
> just provide ip:port - 
> which gives you also the ability if needed to use
> multiple boxes) that way 
> all the php processes have the same APC opcode
> cache / shared memory (and 
> there is no need to recompile script each time a
> new child is spawned). Not 
> to mention other benefits like persistant
> connections (to memcache / db / 
> etc) which aren't killed each time a request
> finishes but reused on next.

Hi All

New to the forum and new to nginx. Found out about it via the vBulletin
forum and am currently setting up a small server to run my vB powered
site with 100% nginx & php-fpm. I would love to know more about this
caching mechanism, never heard of it before. Are there any concrete
examples of its use, sounds perfect for me running on a 768Mb VPS.

The current setup I have runs nginx with 2 workers and 2048 connections
per worker. I have 20 php-fpm children running with Xcache which serves
the site OK until the connections increase. I hit the site with a
Loadimpact run and around 120 connection it started spewing out 404's.
The only way to stop it was to restart php-fpm. So the facility above
sounds perfect for my limited memory setting....

Any help suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Just want
to dump apache as quick as I can! :)


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