Blackbox Logs

Alan Gutierrez alan at
Sat Jun 19 01:14:21 MSD 2010

Maxim Dounin wrote:

> Actually, most important thing to log is $upstream_response_time.  
> So it's not a good idea to log something in an "apache compatible" 
> format as you are going to log wrong metrics in this case. 

To this point, I'm really looking to create something that is 
*conceptually* compatible to the log format described in the original 
article, a log format geared towards generalized performance and 
security auditing, rather than hit counting. There is no need to record 
thread id, in Nginx, quite obviously. If there was a legacy of scripts 
for the "blackbox" log format described by Chris Josephes, that might be 
a different matter, but there are not. My own little Nginx "blackbox" 
format will include $upstream_response_time as you suggest.

Thank you very much for filling in the blanks for me.

Alan Gutierrez -

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