ubuntu 8.04 user - upgrade to nginx latest

karmaboy nginx-forum at nginx.us
Sat Jun 19 03:35:49 MSD 2010

I'm having trouble upgrading too, and would love some help.

I'm using Ubuntu Hardy, and tried the following:
1) Downloaded Jake's public key to a local file (my machine is behind a
corp firewall and couldn't access keyserver directly)
2) Used apt-key to add the key to my machine (had to apt-get gnupg
3) Added Jake's URL to my sources.list file (it was under
4) Tried apt-get update
5) Tried apt-get install nginx, but I was told it's already up to date
(with v0.5)

I tried following some of the other info on this thread, but I don't
have aptitude installed and if I can get apt-get to do the same, I don't
want to install it.

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