Nginx and X-Accel-Redirect to serve Quicktime streaming prepared movies

Fernando Perez lists at
Mon Jun 21 23:22:48 MSD 2010

Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> Using Nginx + X-Accel_Redirect + Regular Quicktime movies works, but
> the user needs to wait for the film to be fully downloaded to watch
> it.
> Therefore I decided to prepare my movies with the Fast-Start option,
> but the movies load barely a few bytes and take ages to play.
> Do I need to adjust the content headers or do I need to move to flash
> for streaming and using x-accel-redirect?

I ended in this thread from google. Does anyone know how to stream 
h.264/mp4 movies to Quicktime player using Nginx+X-Accel-Redirect? I'm 
experiencing the same problem.

Does it have anything to do with the moov stuff not at the correct place 
in the video?

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