[ANNOUNCE] nginx_ajp_module - support AJP protocol proxy with Nginx

Weibin Yao nbubingo at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 08:19:46 MSD 2010

Hi, folks:

I'm proud to announce that nginx_ajp_module is published at first time.

With this module, Nginx can connect to Tomcat's AJP/1.3 port directly.
The backend connections are keepalive, sesstion sticky.

Project homepage: http://github.com/yaoweibin/nginx_ajp_module .

This module is at its very early phase of development and considered
highly experimental. But you're encouraged to test it out on your side
and report any quirks that you experience.

We need your help! If you find this module useful and/or interesting,
please consider joining the development!

Enjoy it.


Weibin Yao

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