worker_connections and worker_rlimit_nofile

Arvind Jayaprakash work at
Mon Mar 1 13:04:03 MSK 2010

On Feb 04, Max wrote:
>I used to use worker_connections but wen I use it, I got a lot of too many
>open files in the error log.
>Now, I changed it to worker_rlimit_nofile 10240 and the problem has been
>solved (I google it and found the solution).
>I just want to ask, what's the differences between worker_connections and
>worker_rlimit_nofile? Why worker_connections will casue too many open files
>problem? Thanks.

worker_connections specifies how many network connections a worker is
allowed to maintain. worker_rlimit_nofile specifies how many open file
handles are allowed per worker. Since all tcp connections are file
handles (descriptors) on *nix systems, worker_rlimit_nofile must be
greater than worker_connections.

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