nginx recycles workers too often

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Tue Mar 2 07:08:45 MSK 2010

Piotr Sikora Wrote:
> > I usually leave my error_log to crit only, but I
> did turn it on debug 
> > today.  There's nothing out of the ordinary
> going on in the logs whenever 
> > this happens.  It'll show normal KeepAlive
> connections closed, or 
> > connection to upstream closed by client, etc.
> Do you see "worker process exited on signal XX" in
> your error logs (visible 
> even on critical level)? If you do then please
> post your debug logs from 
> that child prior to its crash. If you don't then
> blame PHP :P
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I do not show that in any of my logs.  If I have it set to crit, nothing ever shows in the log except when I start the process.  The reason I don't think its PHP is because the delay happens when I refresh a standard HTML page.

I'm completely lost as to what's going on.  If I'm viewing top then nginx and php-cgi disappears from the list, but that's because its cpu/ram usage goes down.  If I view the running processes from within my control panel (WHM), nginx and php-cgi never actually goes away.  So its almost like the requests are being held up somewhere for 5-10 seconds and nginx resources goes down because its not actually getting the requests.  Any idea if this is possible and what the cause would be?

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