Nginx, provide file from a folder or create it if not there.

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Tue Mar 2 13:12:59 MSK 2010


I'd like to add some extra logic to the location rules in my Nginx

I have an application that creates a binary file based on client
requests. It only sends back a binary file using send_file method. The
contents of the binary file depend on a short key that is sent in the
body of a post request by the client.

When the application makes the file it stores it in a given folder.

I'd like to add a rule in Nginx so that depending on the key in the body
it would either directly provide a file with a given name.bin (if
existing in the folder). But if it is not existing it would actually use
the rails app to generate it.

I know I can check the body of the request with $request_body and use
that in an if clause inside location rules. But how to make the decision
to provide the file if existing or send the request to rails otherwise?

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