Problems with proxy_hide_header defaults, and proxy_set_header X-Powered-By not applying.

David Taveras d3taveras38d3 at
Wed Mar 10 18:10:27 MSK 2010


a.) The wiki says under proxy_hide_header  directive  that by default
nginx does not transfer the "Date", "Server", "X-Pad" and

If I do lynx  -dump -head i can still see: Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010
14:43:37 GMT .. and this is not the time of the nginx box.. where is
this coming and how can I hide it?

I tried :

proxy_hide_header Date;

BUt this has no effect over my reverse proxy.

b.) I set this up:

proxy_hide_header X-Powered-By; which does work great... but when I
set proxy_set_header X-Powered-By "BogusPHPversion"; it doesnt work..
no errors when starting nginx. How can I accomplish this?



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