proxy_cache_purge for nginx/0.8.34

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Mon Mar 15 03:58:49 MSK 2010

Public URL is

To request purge I try (on local server): wget
or directly from browser (from one of the IPs in allow):

log_format combinedx '$remote_addr - $remote_user [$time_local]  '
                    '"$request" $status $body_bytes_sent '
                    '"$http_referer" "$http_user_agent" '
                    'upstream_response_time $upstream_response_time '
                    'msec $msec request_time $request_time '
                    'Expires: $upstream_http_expires '
					'Cache-Control: $upstream_http_cache_control '
                    'upstream_cache_status $upstream_cache_status ';

access_log  "/var/log/nginx/access.log"  combinedx;

Thank you.

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