nginx, fcgi+perl forking a new process per request ...

Stefan Parvu sparvu at
Mon Mar 15 15:43:23 MSK 2010

Hi Maxim,

> > When I kick a jmeter test against the server I can see dozens of processes
> > forked by the 5548 the master FCGI process. As understood I should not
> > see this behavior when using FastCGI, isnt it ?
> 1. FastCGI is just protocol, nothing more.  Implementation details 
> (including number of forked processes) are up to FastCGI 
> application.

In this case, the nginx-fcgi daemon, which is a perl
process, handling the CGI things. 

> 2. Script you refer to is just wrapper which executes CGI scripts.  
> And it does so by running separate process for each request.

Hmmm. Right. So basically if we want to have a solid
FCGI daemon, one can write our own FCGI app which
will receive the requests from nginx. Right ?

In my case nginx-fcgi does currently the job and it is not
a very solid solution. Correct ?


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