nginx as reverse caching proxy for CentOS repositories

Wouter Schoot wouter at
Thu Mar 18 23:58:26 MSK 2010

Hi Maxim,

Thanks for replying,

> Have you actually tried looking into your client's code as
> I've already suggested?
> Given the fact that there are multiple requests with Range header
> and some of them replied with 200 (and full content) it's pretty
> obvious that client which doesn't handle 200 correctly will get
> garbled result.  And you can't do anything with it without
> actually fixing client (or stopping it somehow from using range
> requests).

I understand what you're saying. However, since "my client" is the 
CentOS/RedHat installer (Anaconda is used during that installer to 
download and install the *.rpm files), I'm not going to be able to modfy 
it's code I think. And besides, I'm not that good at reading code.

I'm now, since I'm quite sure it is indeed the installer that goes 
wrong, looking for a way to work around it. Perhaps some server-side 
voodoo or (as I tried tonight) another proxy in between that filters 
some of the headers (I tried pound, but to no avail yet).


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