Dynamically change reverse proxy mappings

Alexander Vogt av at creativespot.de
Fri Mar 19 16:26:54 MSK 2010

>> It sounds like dynamic upstream management is exactly 
>>what I'm after. It would be great if anyone has any news 
>>on any work that is happening in that area.
> sounds good to me as well. what would be on my wishlist 
>is a module for dynamically assigning upstream weights 
>based on criteria like for example load-1/-5/-15 of the 
>backend server.. that would be great :) :)

addition to last post:

i just read the source of that health checking module mentioned before.. 
looks to me like it should be easy to add a kind of load measurement to it 
(instead of just checking whether its up or down)?

id really love to contribute but i believe my c-programming skills are too 
poor for that ;-)


p.s. by the way: thanks x1000 to all nginx devs/contributors for creating 
such a great piece of software!

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