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Sat Mar 20 06:08:12 MSK 2010

Sessna wrote:
> I am using nginx + php-fpm (quad-core PC) + MySQL (on another PC) and 
> facing an interesting issue:
> after some time nginx is running, system "load average" goes up 
> (sometimes up to 30 and even more points) while CPU usage is still less 
> then 30% With such a high load system becomes very slow and 
> unresponsive. Restarting nginx helps, but only for a little while. Any 
> ideas on the matter?
> Thanks,
> Sessna
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> http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,63176,63176#msg-63176

php-fpm has a slow log feature. You can configure it in php-fpm.conf, 
and check the php-fpm slow log later. In the slow log, php-fpm will tell 
us where are the slow parts of php scripts.

If we see mysql_query(), then it means that sql is slow. We should check 
the mysql slow log. May be we can use mysql slow analyse tool to figure 
out the slow queries.

If we see file_get_contents(), then it means there is something wrong 
with the file system, maybe you are reading files from net file systems 
like NFS.

Hope this will help you.
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