Compilation of Nginx on Solris 10 as 64bit

william nginx-forum at
Sat Mar 20 14:49:06 MSK 2010

wega3k Wrote:
> I have also had this problem on Solaris 10 and
> SunCC.
> The problem is that nginx's configure creates a
> broken objbs/Makefile when your own CFLAGS defined
> in your environment.
> If you look at objs/Makefile after you've run
> configure without CFLAGS set, you will see in
> there
> CFLAGS =  -fast -xipo  -errwarn=%all -g. Until the
> configure is fixed, I guess you could just edit
> that CFLAGS to what you want in the Makefile after
> running configure and before running your gmake.

I've just run across this myself. The reason for the problem is that the auto/cc/conf script skips the logic in auto/cc/sunc if CFLAGS is set. This means if you set CFLAGS from the environment you should also set everything else that is set in auto/cc/sunc from the environment. In this case the NGX_AUX variable needs to be set to " src/os/unix/" (or another ngx_sunpro_*.il file, depending on architecture).

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