How much is the HTTPS overhead

Gabriel Ramuglia gabe at
Sat Mar 20 20:21:38 MSK 2010

It will use a bit more cpu. If you're serving static content, you may
notice the difference in cpu usage. If you're using a heavy RoR app,
then it shouldn't increase total system utilization more than 10-20%.
I was running a pretty heavy cgi proxy, and the difference between SSL
and not SSL was just barely noticable in my cpu cacti graphs. So yes,
a bit more cpu, but certainly it's not going to increase your hosting
costs dramatically.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2010 at 4:13 PM, Alexander Vogt <av at> wrote:
>> So I was considering to entirely protect my application so that the RoR
>> doesn't have to know about ssl and redirection to protected pages,
>> however I'd like to know how much overhead is added.
> good question but here is maybe not the right place for it as thats a very
> general topic and not nginx related.
> id further recommend you to learn using google ;) 20 seconds of googling
> gives you a lot of information to that topic, for example here:
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