fair load balancer module: upstream_fair

Stefan Parvu sparvu at systemdatarecorder.org
Sun Mar 21 17:44:11 MSK 2010


Im thinking in building for nginx the upstream_fair module.
I just want to make sure I got the instructions right.

1. Download all needed bits for nginx, including the server source code
2. Buuild the NGINX server aloing with the upstream_fair module by adding 
   the following: --add-module=src/upstream_fair

3, make && make install

There were some mentions about a patch for the std balance module:
http://wiki.nginx.org/NginxHttpUpstreamRequestHashModule - what is this
patch about and do I need to patch manually the nginx source code for
upstream_fair ?

Im planning in using Nginx 0.7.65 on Solaris 10 x86/sparc.


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